Images by  Emma Barker

Images by Emma Barker


I've always been drawn to the unknown and undiscovered. As a kid, I thought that was limited to buried treasure and lost cities. I've learned, though, that life has so much more to offer than just pirate ships and treasure maps. Each and every one of us has a unique and precious story to tell. I want to be the one to help others tell that story, communicate their passions, and capture the fleeting, but beautiful moments of life.


My creative process is relational, intentional, and genuine. The stories & passions of others, their mission for good, and their love for one another are what inspire my work. I spend quality time with my clients and capture the raw and intimate moments that can only be found there. Above all, I value authentic connections and working together with passionate, kindhearted, and adventurous people. My clients have an appreciation for photography, celebrate the good in life, and value artistic vision.

Love well, live adventurously, and create positive change.
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I take photographs for individuals as well as brands.
Currently working as Community Manager for Unsplash
Based in Greensboro, North Carolina
Available for travel.