Katie + David

My first wedding of 2016 I spent second shooting for my friend Emma. The photos you see below are all my captures and edits.
One thing I love about photography is that every photographer has a unique perspective. It's no longer about who has a better camera or nicer lenses. Two photographers can have the same equipment, the same experience, and even the same editing style, but we will end up telling two different narratives in the end. And there's no "right" or "wrong" way to tell that story, really. But every couple has a vision for how they want their wedding day story to be told. This is why it's so important for couples and photographers to get to know each other beforehand. I believe that photography is a collaboration between the people on both sides of the camera; it's teamwork. A shared vision and shared expectations are crucial to making a wedding day successful. So always make sure you and your photographer/client are on the same page before making any kind of commitment.
Happy New Years Eve!


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