Personal Challenge + Package: United By Blue

Personal Challenge + Package: United By Blue

These photos were taken on my dining room floor.

I promise you, there's nothing special about this room or any other room in my house for that matter. But I think that kind of thinking becomes my creative crutch at times. Most days, I'm not out on some grand adventure or in picturesque locations, so I give myself a pass on shooting for that day. I make a choice to be apathetic with my passions rather than pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and testing the limits of my creative vision. I've realized that it's hard to move farther down the path of your pursuit when you're always finding excuses to stay standing right where you are.

And so I'm trying something new.

Every now and then I get a quick glimmer or a passing vision of a possibility. It may come from looking at a place from a different angle, noticing the composition of a space, or watching the way the fading light travels across the back wall of a room. Whatever it may be, in that moment, I see potential for art. But rather than adding these brief concepts to my growing list of "Shoots To Do," I want to try my very best to bring them to life as soon as I can. 

I'll try to regularly post my progress on here, but the very first result of this personal challenge you can see below.

Pictured products:

The Ultimate American Sock | United By Blue
Merino Wool Trail Sock | United By Blue
Explore Pennant | United By Blue


You can download this (↑) header image for free on Unsplash.